spring into action

This year Brielle has done amazing things in Tumbling~ she can do 5 backhand springs in a row, she can do crazy tucks and flips that I don't even know the name of nor would I ever imagine doing them myself!  I love watching her as she's blossomed into an AMAZING tumbler!  She rocked it this year at her tumbling recital with a huge smile and right on beat as she tumbled to Brighter Then The Sun.


vote for Brielle

One thing I admire about Brielle is that she is always whiling to take a risk and try something no matter what, even if it results in a NO she will still give it a try!  This year at school since she is going into 5th grade she could try out for student council. When I found this out I thought to myself PLEASE don't do it, it will take me time to help you, it will be work for her to have to make a poster and do a speech, she'll have to get up in front of everyone and give the speech and then the big WHAT IF... what if she doesn't win...but she said, mom that's okay, I still want to try!  So she did. Brielle made a poster with my help, she wrote a speech with Colby's help, and she gave the speech out loud and proud all by herself and it was AMAZING, it brought tears to my eyes.  My little girl has become a beautiful, talented, individual, who can do anything!  Now she didn't win, but she didn't care, she tried her hardest and she looked amazing doing it!  Way to go Ellie Bellie, you have our vote!


kick some ball

One thing I love to do is watch my kids do their activities.  It's been really fun watching Cooper play soccer because he's been playing with these same boys and coach for a couple sessions so he's finally getting comfortable with them and just having a good old time out there!  Way to go Cooper, kick some ball!


the entry

I've started a journal where the kids and I write to each other, it helps them with their English, grammar, etc. and it's a fun way for us to communicate.  One night I was having a Pampered Chef meeting at my house and there were about 25 ladies here and we didn't end our meeting until about 10:00.  After everyone left I went into Cooper's room to check on him to find this note for me, "today was the worst day of my life, school, ladies too loud, can't go to bed, laughing!"  I guess he didn't appreciate us ladies keeping him up late!


Layki poo

Since my sister has to work and Jason is in the nursing program I get the privilege of watching my sweet Laikyn, it has been so much fun watching her.  I have loved playing with her, watching her grow, and just getting to know my sweet niece better!  She is so adorable and we LOVE our Layki Poo to death. She my blue eyed beauty!