colby's new toy

This little thing is Colby's new toy!  I think it's also a favorite of our kids and every other kid that lives in the neighborhood.  Whenever Colby and the kids are out riding the go-kart it doesn't take long and then there will be about 20 neighborhood kids out wanting to ride!  It's the cool toy!


baby girl beckerman's shower

It seems like just days ago I was writing about Erin telling me she was going to have a baby and now we are only a couple weeks out and my Niece should be making her appearance into our big, big world!  Before she makes her appearance we had to have a shower to be sure she has everything necessary (okay maybe not all necessary, but adorable) to get her through her first few years of life! 

So on July 21st, we had a shower for Erin, I think it was really for Makinley but that's just my opinion, (She was way more excited than Erin and I don't even think she slept the night before)! We had it at my house and did it in a vintage lime green and burlap theme, super cute if I must say so myself!  I really couldn't have pulled the whole thing off without the help of some of Erins fabulous friends, so THANKS GIRLS!  We had yummy food, fun games (not too many per Erin's request), wonderful friends, and LOTS of PINK, GIRLY cute presents!  The whole thing turned out perfect and I think Erin and Kinley had a great time!



our little fish

This year I decided to have both Elle and Cooper do swim team though the city of Mesa, so to prepare for it they took swim lesson (more stroke practice) from Allison, an awesome gal whose taught them pretty much all they know about swimming!  Then it was time for swim team at Taylor Jr. High every morning Monday through Thursday for the months of June and July!  I thought they'd hate it but they actually really loved it and they were doing awesome! Both of them did amazing at the swim meets each week and I was just amazed!  It wasn't until then that I realized my kids were both pretty awesome swimmers!  So before we headed off to Oklahoma I signed them up for the City Divisionals.  When we got back from Oklahoma they did divisional try outs basically to see if they'd move onto the League Championship Meet to swim against the best of the best of the City of Mesa!   So they both swam and both of them made it onto the next level which was the Championship meet!  I can't tell you how excited I was~ basically it went from 95 kids to the top 16 and both my kids were in the top 16, it was a nail bitter the whole time, but both of them did amazing! 

Then it came the day of the Championships, July 19th, Cooper was swimming the back stroke and Elle was swimming Freestyle, Breaststroke and Back stroke.  Colby and I both sat there and just watched and waited and it was so hot, but so exciting and I was just so proud of both of my kids!  They swam their little hearts out and tried their hardest!  Cooper came in 12th in the back stroke which was awesome and Brielle can I just say KICKED BOOTY, she got first place in Freestyle and Breaststroke and second place for back stroke and took first place for high point winner overall for her age level!  So basically she was NUMBER ONE!  Is that just AWESOME!  I mean I was pretty much freaking out excited!  I think we've pretty much decided our kids needs to be swimmers cause they are pretty amazing!


9 and fine

This year my Elle turned 9 and she was so excited to have a few friends come on a movie adventure with us!  We took 4 friends, chase and Kinley, and our family to Movie Studio Grill in Scottsdale to watch Ice Age 3D which they thought was SO COOL!  They loved it cause at this theater you get to order food and eat it while you watch the movie!  SO FUN!  Then after the movie we headed to sub zero for some yummy, super sweet ice cream and PrEsEnTs, Brielle's favorite part!  To top it all off Brielles best friend Aubrey spent the night which Elle always loves!  This was a great, easy going birthday with fun friends, yummy food and great memories!



Peanut peanut butter and jelly

I like me some peanut butter!