It all began with a kiss…



I know you are all on the edge of your seats just wondering how in the world did these two perfect people meet?

It was like a fairytale, just kidding, really we both worked at the YMCA and it was love at first sight.  (Not really)  Colby and I took care of 50 plus kids everyday after school while also going to ASU.  We had fun getting to know each other.  We would hang out after work and just chat.  Which if you know Colby you are saying, “ Colby chat,” so okay maybe it was me chatting his ear off and he just listened and admired my beautifulness.  That went on for about a year and half and then on Christmas (My Favorite Holiday I might add) my sweet Colby asked me to marry him.  If you know me it was probably one of the best days of my life.  I tear up just thinking about it because I was so darn happy.  Then we were engaged for almost a year and decided to get married.  We now have two wonderful kids, Brielle (5) and Cooper (almost 3).  We are going strong and very much in love ever since that wonderful day that we met at the YMCA forever ago.

Now don’t you agree that that is a fairytale fit for a prince and princess?  It truely did all begin with a kiss…


All about Heather:

I am a 31 year old mommy who loves to be with my family out and about doing some fun adventure. I love to be creative when it comes to every aspect of life in the house, with the family, scrapebooking, cooking, etc.  I love doing play dates with neighborhood friends.  I think it is fun to cook and try new recipes, that is one of the main reasons I love my job at the Pampered Chef.  I love my family and friends.  I really love hanging out with my mom and sister.  I have a blast getting together with my family and Colby’s family every weekend for family night.  I truly love life and sharing it with my family.  My motto is live, love and laugh and I really try to live by it. 

All about Brielle:

She is a pretty typical 5 year old girl who has a passion for life.  She is a very fun girl who has a very fun and spirited personality.  She loves to talk to anyone no matter what.  She love to go out to eat and just be out shopping or playing.  (She is a bit like her mom)  She loves having friends over to play.  She loves to sing, dance and be loud.  Brielle is a very sweet girl who loves people and is very social.  See likes to learn new things and is very excited to go to school.  She is our sweet girl and we love her tons.

All about Cooper:

He is a sweet and shy two (almost three year old) little boy.  He has a very calm and cute little personality. (A bit like his dad)  If you saw his face you’d fall in love with him.  He doesn’t do a lot of talking he does a lot of listening.  He loves to play with his sister.  He absolutely loves the movie “Cars” and anything trains, especially “Thomas the Train”.  Cooper does things on his own terms, he is a bit stubborn.  He is so sweet and cuddly.  He love being with his mommy and daddy.  He is our cute boy and we love him so much.