will we ever have our bed back?

Someday I wonder if our bed, shower, car, food, cup or just life in general will ever be ours again.  The kids seem to take over everything.  I guess I have to realize they are only young once.  Soon I am going to be missing them and wishing they’d take over our bed again, right?  I keep telling myself that in the middle of the night when Cooper comes running at full speed into our room at 12:30 on the dot and I have to promptly turn him around and take him back into his own bed.  It gets a bit old.  

Well tonight I was at an HOA meeting and came home to two little cuties sleeping in my bed.  They love falling a sleep in our bed.  It is like a special little treat to them.  Usually they are snuggled so close, like two best friends, it’s adorable. These are the sweet little memories you know they will soon grow out of, but as a parent you never want to forget.  


pancakes anyone?

Cooper’s favorite food are Pancakes.  He doesn’t just like them he LOVES them.  Every morning he comes out and ask for “pam-caks.”  It is so cute how he says it.  So one day Colby and I made him his own HUGE plate of pancakes.  Don’t they look yummy.  We also made some homemade syrup and put it in my Grandma Flake’s Cow (any cousin reading this has to remember the yellow cow).  They loved the cow and the pancakes.  It was so fun and delicious.  If you want to try our favorite pancake use the recipe below and make them.  I bet your going to want to make them right now they are sooooo yummy.  Here is also a really yummy syrup recipe without all the preservative, additives, high fructose corn syrup, etc. that the syrups you buy at the store have in them.  This recipe is a family favorite also.  

Best in the West Pancakes

6 TBLS. oil   
1 large egg
1 1/4 c. milk   
1 1/4 c. flour
2 TBLS. wheat germ   
2 tsp. baking powder
3 TBLS. sugar   
1/4 tsp. salt

Place liquid ingredients in blender and blend well. Stir dry ingredients together and slowly add to liquid mixture. Blend for about 30 seconds after stopping blender a few times to scrape down sides. Pour on griddle, turn and serve with 1/2 c. honey whipped until light and fluffy with 1/2 c. butter.  *You can take out the wheat germ if you want

Simple Maple Syrup

(Nancy Brannon)

1 Cup boiling WATER


1.)  In a saucepan, combine sugars and water.
2.) Cook and stir until sugars are dissolved.
3.) Remove from heat, and stir in flavorings.  Serve warm.



Anyone that knows our kids knows that Cooper is sensitive.  And to show the world he is not happy, the "Lip of Doom" comes out.  I have no idea where he learned this move, but it never ceases to amaze me how far he can get it to stick out.  Usually, we can tell how upset he is by the vertical distance it achieves as it tries to jump off his face.  And if things aren't too bad, we can usually copy him and break his focus and get a smile.  He full well knows what a show he is putting on.  Of course, its hard to dicipline the little man when you are laughing so hard at his face.  Oh well, time will tell how long the "lip of doom" will last, but with this picture snapped, we have a long record of his long lip.

This little gem was coutesy of a Diamond Backs game where he wanted to hit the ball at the kids area and it was time to go. 

When he sets his mind to something, there is no stopping this little guy.  Lip or no lip.



Okay, okay, okay I have decided to take the plunge and join the “DARK” side. the blog world.  I have sent Adorable Brielle and Handsome Colby off to go fishing for Father’s Day with Nate and Aubrey next-door (I think both dads are SO excited) and I have my Sweet Cooper in bed with me (he came running at full speed in here at 6:35 to sleep next to me) and of course I  couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about this blog so I decided I would start my first entry while the house is calm and quit.    Now everyone reading knows this won’t be perfect, my writing will be scattered at times, off track, not grammatically correct and a bit interesting, and you may even scratch your head and ask yourself, “WHAT”, but know there are two reasons I’m doing this so called “blog” thing for my KIDS and for FUN.  

First, for my kidos.  I really want them to have something that they can read and reflect on when they are older.  They are young for only a short period of time, they grow up so fast. I have to archive what I can and try to remember everything I can.  I have always loved journaling (normally I don’t let tons of people read it, but what the heck were in the year 2000 right let’s let everyone into our lives, just kidding) ever since I was young I have journaled.  (I even have my journals and like to read through them from time to time.)  So I figure why not do a journal of sort for the kids.  So my plan is to have Colby and I write about most EVERYTHING and at the end of a year put this whole blog into a cool book and have it published for the family to have a book of each years memories.  Maybe we can send it out to everyone as our Christmas card (OH NO we’d never want to get rid of Colby’s awesome Christmas letters.)    

Then the second reason (I guess I should say we since Colby will be helping a TON okay he’ll be doing almost all of it) is because all my friends say on a daily basis… “Heather when are you getting a blog, Heather your so creative you have to do one of these things, come on it SO fun….blaaa… blaaa…blaaaaa…” So you know me I had to take the challenge and try to out do them and do something really cool and fun.  Just kidding everyone.  So here is our blog.

Really I think it will just be something fun for the kids to have and for Colby and I to do together and that is my true hope. I think if I do this blog and really keep up with it I may hate it at times, but the end result will be amazing, fabulous, wonderful, brilliant, a work of art…….  So I hope you all enjoy “It’s all a BLUR!”

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